Thursday, September 4, 2008


I will warn you now watching this video is like doing 4,000 whippets in a day and washing it down with a fine wine like Night Train.

Honestly, I think that we should revoke Diddy's right to vote or maybe make people take an IQ test and revoke the rights of anyone that is under 50. First of all where was he filming - was he on a feris wheel? I was totally getting sea sick watching it - I mean Diddy you are "stackin Grant's like Horace" - get yourself a super 8 or at least hire a guy that has held a camera before. Number 2, form a sentence. Finally, you need a better platform than there are no black people or crack heads in Alaska. If we were voting based on what area had the most blacks and crackheads we would be the United States of Al Sharpton. Which may not be all bad because he has the right hair for currency - he would look good on a bill - he has that Jefferson 'do, which has to totally pull ass.

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