Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sippin Suds Crushin Crabs

Night started off with a couple Suds on the rails into the city, met the boys, crushed a couple more at a spot on 10th and Ave B...Happy Hour, Buy on Sud, they throw another sud at your dome for FREE. We had everything on our side but time...we left Happy Hour and headed to Back Forty around 6:45 we sit down at our news paper covered table, mallets waiting to crack. Immediately the waitress asks for a SIPPIPN Kooooz, which she gets. Most hot Asian chicks get what they want from a table full of white males ranging in age from 26-40...crabs were delivered in great fashion...huge wooden trays, slid on the table like Jabba's prison gaurd into the pit of the Rancor.

Didn't go well for him either.
The first 3 bathces didnt stand a chance. It was the fourth round where we started looking at eachother with a daring see, for every good crab, there is a rotten one. We knock em down like Buster Douglas and head for Puck has your standard snap to hammer ratio. It was here where they filmed those two famous flicks, "Return of the Rotten Crab" and "You've Got Crabs." I think cilantro was derobing his camo bibs when a rumbling hit my stomach like Super Fly Schnuka off the top rope. I set my sud down and hit the stall like Harry Dunn. I heard an innocent patron thurp and bolt out of there with no hand wash. This might be the only time I am ok with that. Poor lil fella. Anyhow, all in all, it was a night full Sippin, Sudsin and Crabbin...just the way God intended. Just do me a favor, learn from my mistake. Rootten Crabs=Rotten Stalls.

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