Monday, September 8, 2008

Lets SUM up the weekend

Ok, so Friday I get back from Rocking Rochester and head right to Papatzul to meet Woodtooth...It's got the best margs and mexi food in the city(that is not an exaggeration...its a fact)2 girls we are chums with come in for a shot before heading down to wall st area...wee convince them to stay and invite their friends...well I cant find a pic of them, but this is pretty fcking close.

Tooth and I are on tables, leg kicks and fist pumps like you've never seen...and they love it, shots are flying at their heads like acorns on a fall day. I zone in on one and we become very friendly, get her number and life is grand. Tooth and I are all smiles talking aboutthe girls, talking about getting the band back together and talking about going surfing the next morning.

Sat morning I go to garage to get pick up...while waiting I text tooth telling him I am coming. I pull out of garage, make turn and realize phone is left at garage. I go around the block, head into garage and ask them for phone. "What phone, must have fallen in the drain." Clearly I was irrate...not cause this island FCK is lying to my face, not because the phone is too much $ in the first place but because I lost this girls number...whatever, thats over with. Pick up tooth and head to LI...

Rent Millers Crossing and Marathon Man and bunk Sat night...Sunday, 75 degrees, scrunny, boat full of suds we head to the beach for what should be an "epic" day of we approach the beach walking on the path thru the dunes, you can hear these monster waves pounding the sand...we reach the beach to see 10 foot plus waves, with white water 150 yards to shore...I turned to Tooth expecting his reaction to be one a pure joy...well, it wasnt as much "joy" as it was pure fear.

Needless to say, we spent the day booze cruisin around the bay, just sippin em...being alive is pretty sweet.

Headed back to the scrity for, what else...more suds. God Bless You and God Bless America.

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