Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Whatcha Think

So i made it out to Giants stadium for the NFL opener last night. Solid effort by the Giants - came out guns-a-blazin' and put up some points while the stingy D held the Skins to only 200 yrds. Pretty boring 2nd half so I started people watching. I must admit I was heavily lubed up on Percs (blew out my back over the weekend) and Suds. So I look 2 rows in front of me and see this wonderful head of hair...long flowing blonde locks...wide, strong, tanned shoulders...figured she must be a swimmer:

This is a perfect example of how your eyes and mind (loaded with pills and booze) can play tricks on you. As this photo below shows - she was clearly a he....and not only a he, but a Jeff Foxworthy impersonator to boot. Whatever the case, bottom line is this dude is kickin' a damn fine mullet:

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