Thursday, September 11, 2008


Three men were shot dead and two others critically wounded in a
Durban tavern following an argument over the size of male genitals,
police said on Thursday.
Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu said the shooting took place at the
Merseyside Restaurant and Bar at the Queensmead Mall in Durban's Umbilo
suburb on Wednesday night.
Five people were arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Two of those arrested were found in possession of firearms, which
police believe were the weapons used in the shooting. All five were
residents of the Phoenix area.
The argument apparently began when a patron of Indian descent made a
comment about the size of a white patron's genitals while both were at
the tavern's urinals.
An officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: "The white
man went to the toilet and an Indian guy followed him. While in the
urinal, the Indian man told the white man that his penis was bigger
than his (that of the white man).
"The white man left the urinal and told his friends about what had
happened and this is when the argument started."
Vulgarities were exchanged and then a group of five Indian men left
the restaurant and all five returned with firearms.
Mngomezulu said: "The men opened fire and three victims aged between
30 and 55 years died on the spot. Another two were rushed to St
Augustine's Hospital in a critical condition."
Mngomezulu said he believed that as the argument had developed
between the two groups, it had possibly become racially motivated.
However, a senior staff member at restaurant, confirming the
shooting said that the initial argument had been over genitals.
"That's what initiated it (the argument) and it obviously got out of
hand. That's all I'm prepared to say," he said speaking on condition of
None of the staff members or suspects were injured in the shooting.

The Indian guy is clearly the aggressor here - he followed whitey to the bathroom, eyed up his root and said "mine's bigger". How do you answer that? I mean who looks over at another guys root when you are at the urinal? Who says "mine's bigger" - I mean unless you are looking for a "Dick Off" in the men's room of a Mall Bar you just don't toss that out. So whitey should have known he was off his rocker from go.

Now I know a lot about native Americans because I did a book report on Geronimo in college. And the first thing I learned is that you don't want to tangle with "Big Chief" once he has been in the "firewater". I figure whitey has to know this too living in Phoenix. I mean whenever I am hanging out in a Mall Bar out west I know that if a drunken injun says he has a bigger meat whistle you just look over and say "that is quite a totem pole chief" and go about your drinking. It might as well have been Custer walkin' out of that men's room.

Editor's note: Our fact checking team found the link and it was in South Africa, but it ruins the whole post. Damn facts are killing all my good posts - first they kill the "Mac has a 12" Penis that Tastes like Chocolate" post and now this.

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