Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brady out for the year.

No real shocker here, we all saw the hit, we all knew he was done, but it is time for New England to stop whining. All last year the Pats and Brady crushed teams running up the score every chance they got. The Pats scored 589 points and gave up 274, that is an average of 37-17, so they have an average margin of victory of 20 points. Belichick has more videos than Blockbuster and NFL completely buried the whole thing because it have been a nightmare to "redo" 3 Super Bowls.

So, I don't want to hear about it being a cheap shot or how the NY Post ran the headline "Yahoo!: Brady out for year" and the fact that the double meaning is classless. It is the NEW YORK POST for the love of God! That thing is such crap they print it on toilet paper. But if Belichick wants to walk around thinking he is a football Genius and that he's God's gift to football and Brady is going to walk around with that pretty face bangin' supermodels then people are going to take a couple shots at you. Just ask Jim McMahon and the Bears - Charles "too mean" Martin (Packers) slammed McMahon to the turf about 10 mins after the play was over and McMahon missed the rest of the 1986 season with a torn rotator cuff. Martin was fined $14k and missed 2 games. As my old football coach, the Right Reverend Rich Weymouth used to say - "take your licks like a man", but come to think of it he never said that on the field of play.

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