Friday, September 12, 2008

You think all that is real?

Is Lindsay looking hotter than ever? I think so. She has put on a little weight, her boobs don't look like tube socks filled with wet sand and even though Sam Ronson looks like one of the Jonas Brother on Meth, the lezbo thing is pretty hot. I am just starting to wonder if this a Tila Tequila publicity stunt or if she is just planning ahead. Tila Tequila got the most out of her 15 mins of fame by announcing that she was bi-sexual and making out with chics on her Shot of Love show, I mean nothing restarts a career like hot lezbo action. That is good advice for all you ladies out there. If you want to get noticed in the office - start making out with your female co-workers at company outings. Or maybe she talked to her accountant or someone that owned a calculator and realized that at the rate she was going she would bang every man on the planet by the age of 25. Either way it seems to be workin' for her.

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