Wednesday, September 17, 2008

World's smallest man meets woman with world's longest legs

Standing at just 2ft 5in high, He Pingping, from China, has been officially named the smallest man in the world.

Svetlana Pankratova, meanwhile, owns the longest legs in the world, which stretch to 132cm.

Mr Pingping barely came up to Ms Pankratova's knees at a bizarre photoshoot held to mark the launch of the new Guinness Book of World Records.

But the pair seemed rather happy in each other's company as they posed for photos on Trafalgar Square's steps in central London.

I posted this because of that little guy that looks like the love child of Mini Me and Pee Wee Herman, but then I actually watched the video. Holy crap - they have a chimp that was the 22nd best fund manager on Wall Street! And it gets better - he did it by throwing darts at a newspaper. First of all, how did my patient investment secrets get out? Someone is talking and I don't sleep until I find them. Secondly, can't you just be happy with a chimp that plays darts? I mean why does society put so much pressure on chimps these days.

OK, now back to Mr. Pingping and Ms Pankratova, he claims he has a normal size girlfriend and that he runs a restaurant at home in Mongolia. How is that possible? I mean how does he, ya know... "get the food to the table", so to speak? As far as Ms Pankratova goes "that is a man, man" (yes two Austin Powers references in one blog) - Mr Pingping is lucky that he did not get knocked unconscious sitting under that trannie's skirt.

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