Monday, September 8, 2008

NFL recap - Week 1

Here is what you need to know to look good at the water cooler today.

Let's start with the G-men. A win is a win in the NFL, but you can't get too excited about thumpin' the 'Skins at home. I mean the "Skins scored 6 points all pre-season. Then you add to that the fact that Eagles looked real good on there was to hanging 38 points on the Rams without there top 2 wide outs.

Jets are a similar story. I mean the Dolphins should be playing in SEC and it took an interception in the end zone to squeak out a victory... But the Fish will be in the playoffs in 3 years and then Parcells will "retire" and then then fish, go to ESPN and go to one of the 5 remaining teams he has not screwed over.

Now let's get to the real story Tom Brady out for the season. This is the best thing that could happen to the J-E-T-S ever. You could give the Jets the 1st pick in every draft for the next decade and they would still not win a Super Bowl. This may be as good as it gets for Jets fans - you get Brett and Brady will never walk again... Then you factor in that the Colts and Bolts both look like crap and it all looks pretty good for the Jets.

Brady gone for the season is a huge story. The ironic thing is that he was not listed on the injury report for the first time in 151 games. I have to be honest and say that I am little disappointed in Belichick - the guy has streak 151 games on the injury report and 151 straight starts... Bill was reminded that the streak God fears no one... In the words of Jimi Hendrix "like Cassels in the sand the Pats season drifts into the sea."

Personally I would be happier if Brady broke his penis. I am not saying that this would give me a shot a Giselle, but I would at least move up the roster one spot.

The Bills-Seahawks - this was a shocker. 34-10. Bill Cowher is saying the Bills are now the Beast of the East. Time will tell.

Let's talk about the Bengals - how do you lose to the Ravens who start a rookie QB from Delaware that has no running game behind him? In the words of Boomer "no teams has given us less with more".

Saints beat the Bucs and the story here was Reggie Bush - he looks like he is finally going to be the "impact player" that he was predicted to be.

Falcons beat the Lions and the story here is Matt Ryan, former BC stand out and Michael Turner, former back up to LT in San Diego, just lightin' it up.

Speaking of the Bolts - how do you lose to the Panthers by giving up a touch with 2 seconds left? The Bolts are on the verge of becoming the Bengals.

The Colts looked terrible against the Bears, but they will hit their stride. I just wonder if Peyton will ever live up to the expectations he has b/c he is Eli's brother.

Finally, Vince Young got booed off the field and sprained a knee and the Steelers looked pretty good. If they can keep Willie Parker they are the class of the AFC.

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