Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Police: Teen wanted mom dead to pay for girlfriend's breast implants

FOUNTAIN (AP) - Police say a teen solicited two men to kill his mother so he could sell her car and use her bank account to get breast implants for his girlfriend.

Authorities say the mother, Hyun Weis, was attacked with a small wooden baseball bat at her home Thursday but escaped. She was hospitalized and then released Friday. The nature of her injuries hasn't been disclosed.

Deputy Police Chief Mike Barnett said 18-year-old Nikita Lee Weis was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Authorities say Nikita Weis also wanted money to pay his rent.
Also arrested on the same charge were his girlfriend, 21-year-old Sophia Nicole Alsept, and the two men he allegedly hired, 18-year-old Juan Antonio Velez Gonzalez and 19-year-old Brandon Michael Soroka.

All are being held on $50,000 bail. Officials didn't know whether they had attorneys and said they couldn't get messages to them.

Barnett says the suspects discussed wrapping Hyun Weis' body in plastic and dumping in the desert in New Mexico or Arizona.

Nikita Weis is due in court Monday.

I'll be honest - I totally malkused (pronounced MAL-cussed- defined as shameless stealing a joke or bit from another source and claiming it as your own) this from http://barstoolsports.com/ I feel we have reached the point in our relationship where I can admit that to you.

Now let's get to the meat of the issue. Nikita should have thought this through a little more.
Fake tittie rule # 1 - You don't want to be the guy that buys'em you want to be the guy that tries'em. We all have heard the story - guy meets girl, guy buys titties, girl becomes stripper. It is an age old tale.
Fake tittie sub-rule A - Get a free look. I mean let's say all goes well, Mom is dead, you paid the rent and got your girl some sweater puppets. Well, what if they are lopsided or she is pointing east-west... What then - do you off an Aunt to get them repaired?
Fake tittie rule #2 - Make her earn'em. By all means you should be supportive, but if she wants'em so bad let her kill your Mom. It is like the old saying... in a bacon and egg breakfast the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

Let me give you the end of this sad boy meets girl tale. Boy goes to jail, girl get probation. Boy gets gang raped. Girl meets rich guy. Boy wears blue eye shadow and gets traded for cigarettes, girl gets fake hammers from rich guy. Boy becomes girl, girl gets dumped and becomes stripper. I think it is safe to say that everyone wins here.

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