Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who ya got? Ol' Skool

I was once told there were two types of guys in the world - those that like Ginger and those that like Mary Ann. Well, there is a third - those that like both. Yeah baby! You know what I am talkin' 'bout. I was always a Mary Ann fan, but Ginger had that whole Porn star thing going even before it was fashionable (God bless her lil' heart). And you just knew that Mary Ann was not that innocent - I mean she was caught with 4 half smoked joints while driving home from her 69th Birthday gig.

Now how is it that the Professor could figure out how to do anything with an old radio and coconut husk, but he could not patch the hull of a boat or decifier that Ginger and Mary Ann were down for lil' fun?

And something was not right with the whole Skipper/Gilligan - "lil' buddy" thing. Hey but as the old nautical saying goes "any port in a storm" - at least that is what Bobby Jenx told me.


BobbyJenx said...

Any port, any storm...cause when the lights go down in the city...anything goes. Those arent pillows..."THEY ARE NOW Uncle Buck."

BobbyJenx said...

Mary Jane is the clear winner of the Island Bone Comp...and here is the reason why. Sure she is the girl next door, sure she will be your buddy and get sht done around the house...but she would also slay you in the sac...look at the first reason what so ever she sould be wearing Heels! She gets after it. MARY JANE, you are the winner.