Friday, September 12, 2008


From the new book on the Cowboy's in the '90's: A lot of it had to do with Haley's exceptionally large hammer, which he liked to expose to players, trainers, management and reporters. Sometimes he would take it out and stroke it inches from another player's face; the players tried to laugh it off but Haley was relentless. He would masturbate during meetings, all the while trash-talking other player's wives. Once Haley wrapped an Ace bandage around it and strolled through the locker room, screaming, "I'm the last naked warrior!"

And this guy...well let's just say he has NO idea whats about to go down. After months of healing and years of therapy, it looks like Chip is on the verge of coming back to society. Well...almost. We feel ya Chip, hang in there.

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