Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Review

So summer lovin is over and the city is buzzing with energy. Bars are open early and filled with sports fans. Chicks dig dudes so they roll to where the meat is...its a wonderful way of life. Village Tavern always lines up a decent crowd, with a nice ratio of cuties to d-bags. For mid towners, Public House has enough room to avoid the wall st tea baggers and focus on the smoking bar tenders and sweet first year Manhattanites.

Now I appreciate this gals effort for sippin tequila straight from the bottle. And as much as I love a gal who sips a sud, its when they start to early on a Saturday morning that they become worthless to us night crawlers. Take for example, Miss fuzzy britches here...her options for the night are as follows:
One: The Bull Frog:

Two: The Black Out:

Well this Saturday I ventured to Connor Hack's football game, where I helped throw one hell of a tailgate...Suds, pulled pork, couple ladies, few more suds, pick up truck...standard sht. All I know is, win or lose those SLU Saints like to Sud. Nice game Hack, Nice game Luts, keep Sippin up there in Canton. Winters comin...suds are crucial.

Oh and please welcome our newest member, Lil Haggs. He already crushed those suds surrounding just hydrating to keep standing. Smart kid.


Anonymous said...

Good to see the Ol Buddy still has it! Nuks is Sippin Suds up in Beantown.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore said...

Looks like an ad for that drug old men take to piss less.

Anonymous said...

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