Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gettin Dirty in the Shore

So I spent the long one with my bro, his wife and son and a couple buddies. Sipped Suds each and every morning...seemed like the right thing to do. Here is a pic of mt and some buds at the beach...to be honest, I think Da Jerz Shaw is a well kept secret, with its sentinels standing in beaters and spiked hair. Went to Rumson to start, and popped into Murphy's, a speak easy with a hot owner. "Suds and Sawdust." What else do you need.
Then spent Sunday night in Avon by Sea, cruised by DJ's, jaw dropped from all the hard bodies...chicks were hot too. Beach Cruisers to Norwoods in Avon, Irish folk music and old people...great start. Crushed some king crab at Columns and drank more suds then recommended and preceded to enter myself in a seelf created DANCE OFF. I did the classic worm into a an ankle drop spinner into a split...blew out my knee and military crawled off the dance floor where I was awarded the crown...worth it? Pffffft, would do it again tonight if I could walk.

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