Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Now that we are gaining some traction in places like Florida, California and Mexico I might have to broaden my scope...but lets be realistic, the target audience still cares about one thing and one thing only...Sippin. I hope you warm climate Sippers are enjoying life one cocktail umbrella at a time....we northeast cats have a brutal Nordic cold front coming through tonight, right into Saturday. Lets take a positive approach: The last of the birds will push through for some good hunting, The Bay will freeze for some solid Ice Boating and the Snap will be cold a lonely...and will need some warmth. Warmth can come in many forms...One being Suds on a bear sin rug and One being Suds with a "bare" skin rug. Either way, you should be smiling and keeping warm. Look at these troopers below...-5 degrees out there, but you wouldn't know with those windows wide open. They are doing all the right things...body heat, mini fire(cig). SAFETY FIRST: When there is a fire, you STOP, DROP and ROLL. When you are freezing, you STRIP, SIP and MAUL. Don't thank me now, but I might have just saved your life. Go get em, stay warm.

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