Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is Why American Schools are so far behind.

On December 18th, 2008, a 10 year-old 5th grader named Chao Qun Zheng went to his elementary school in HeNan, China.
When his teacher, Guo, found out that young Zheng had not completed his homework, she flipped out.
“She was very angry at the time,” he said. “She ripped and twisted my cheeks with both her hands and then she lifted me off the ground.”
The teacher held the boy up until one of his cheeks actually ripped off and the boy was bleeding profusely.
Without hesitation the teacher reached down and picked up Zheng’s cheek skin, put it on his face, and instructed the boy go home immediately.

DAMN! Well you gotta break a couple eggs to make an omelet. I every other kid in that class is doing their homework now. This is why the Chinese are taking over the world they know how to motivate their kids. This chic is probably China's teacher of the year.

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