Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indecent proposal...

A student who is auctioning her virginity to pay for a masters degree in Family and Marriage therapy has seen bidding hit £2.5million ($3.7m).
Natalie Dylan, 22, claims her offer of a one-night stand has persuaded 10,000 men to bid for sex with her.
Last September, when her auction came to light, she had received bids up to £162,000 ($243,000) but since then interest in her has rocketed.
The student who has a degree in Women's Studies insisted she was not demeaning herself.
Miss Dylan, from San Diego, California, USA, said she was persuaded to offer herself to the highest bidder after her sister Avia, 23, paid for her own degree after working as a prostitute for three weeks.
She said she had had a lot of attention from a wide range of men, including "weirdos", "those who get really graphically sexual about what they want to do to me" and "lots of polite requests from rich businessmen".
She said: "I get some men who are obviously looking for a girlfriend but I try and make it clear that this is a one-night-only offer.

America is such a thick tapestry. I love the fact that she's slingin'her kitty to pay for a a masters degree in Family and Marriage therapy. I mean it seems to me that she could have benefited from some Family therapy awhile ago, I mean what's wrong with this family? Her sister, Avia, was a prostitute for three weeks and she is auctioning off her virginity; as far as I am concerned - a Ho is a Ho. If you were a prostitute for 1 minute then you are a prostitute forever.

Her sister, Avia the Ho, must be super pissed because there is no way she made $3.7 million during her 3 week stint as a hooker, then she has her sister telling everyone that she was a Ho and the cherry on top is "my sister's a Ho and oh yeah, I'm a virgin". If I were Avia the Ho I would give this biaatch enough BHP to kill a horse, duct tape her to a lawn chair naked and drop her off at a truck stop wearing a "Free- Take One!" sign. It may seem harsh now, but eventually she'll laugh about it - my family is still laughing about the time my brother pulled that prank on me. Awwwww good times.

The shocking part is that she has interest from some weirdos. I really have trouble believing that. I mean paying $4 mln to have sex with a women on the internet is normal right? Some one should point out to these guys that with $4 worth of lube and that very same internet they can get themselves a years worth of fun.

OK, so let me break it down for you kids, the real thing that bums me out is that she is ugly. She is. Look at her. She looks like a 40 year old house wife and she has no "skills". So, after careful deliberation I have decided to invest in a box-O'-wine, a mini van and some bright orange lipstick. Then I'll comb the weekday hockey/soccer/baseball games for disgruntled wives that are used to a decade of "2 pumps and a whiskey burp" sex and rock their worlds with some patented Sweet Dick Mackie "4 and a cough syrup vomit" sex. I know what the ladies like...Yeah biaatches.

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