Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry New Year!!! We Say Happy New Year In This Country, Pal

Welcome 2009...of course I think we will all be in a better place in 2010. But, let's play with the cards we are dealt. First of all, I was talking a big game about not going out on New Years...I was Lone Wolf, so hit a couple spots. I did the "boozy dinner" sans bathroom slay. I did however make it a night to remember. Night was filled with mauling sessions, lesbians, British born Pakistani girls dripping in gold, limo ride from SoHo to West Village with Bizarro Al. If you have not been in Al's limo, I can sum it up like this...Stretch white limo, 1980 style. Inside his limo, 1970 style leopard/zebra print, disco ball and everything a love child could need. I serenaded Kelly Pickler with her own song, threw more high fives then the Lakers and closed these lil eyes around 7am. Life, my friends, is good. I know I talked a big game about amateur hour...and I still believe it to be true...I just happened to be at the right place at the right time for the entire night/morning. Oh, and save the comments about New Year Resolution and quitting Churchill once said, "I never trust a man who doesn't drink." God Save The Queen and May God Bless America's Country Girls. Keep Sippin in 09.

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