Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you like Megan Fox play this with the audio off.

I heard about this on Monday, but couldn't find it. Well, until I went to Barstool - yeah I was that guy in Geometry. So a tip of the cap to the 'stool.

If she's a man - hand me a Schmidts Gay and some sunscreen. "I'm a trannie - I'm a man - well I do have a 22" waist" I mean come on. She is totally cup full O' crazy, but I guess this explains why she is dating David Silver. Which brings me to my favorite part. When asked where B.A.G. was she replied "I think he's probably working on music". Now as a journalist aren't you morally obligated to follow up with "so will he be performing at the Peach Pit after party?"

OK my real favorite part was Megan Fox hawking Selma Hayek's chulupas and the interviewer lovin' on Megan Fox's boobs. I was hoping for a preview of her next film Hannibal LicktHer.

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