Friday, January 16, 2009

Keep It Clean This Weekend

I am certainly not a cologne guy or a perfume guy...whatever you want to call it...and that is probably why i have ZERO game with the lil badda badda bings that troll around certain bars in the city. I guess the lack of fake tan, jewelry, brutal gear and gel'd dome doesn't help. But to each their own...those guys get cuckoo looking Snap with slamming bodies, so my slightly crooked turned Hat is off to you, Joey. Regardless, you don't want to smell like crap, so whether you shower and smell like soap or you stink and mask it w/ Cologne, have a blast this weekend, get outside, breath some fresh air and for crying out loud, Sip a Fckin Sud? Have a great weekend. We will do our share taking those geese down a couple pegs.


Anonymous said...

so what's the deal cologne or no cologne- and if no cologne, what about after shave. After shave is cool? Cologne is cheesy?

BobbyJenx said...

After shave is totally the old bay rum, anything thats good for skin doesnt count as cologne. Keep Shavin, Keep dabbing, and Keep Sippin.