Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do You Want Mayo With Your Ham?

The college football season concludes tonight with the BCS National Championship Game in Miami, Florida. The Big 12's Oklahoma Sooners and the SEC's Florida Gators will vye for the number one BCS ranking at 8:00pm ET at Dolphin Stadium (FOX). Now I have never been to Oklahoma, but from what I have heard, the local Snap ain't that bad and sweet as a honey comb. Florida, on the other hand, is just dripping with tight Snap...golden skin, dark skin...real hams, fake hams...sandy blond, brunette...but the one universal trait they all share are their fine ass bodies! Beach bods are toned all year long as the competition is high and the weather is fine. I went there on a recruiting trip, 18years old for a party called The Gator Growl...DRIPPING WITH SNAP! We should saddle up for a road trip...a lil Operation GatorSnap.
Go Get Em Screwy! Sip one for me.

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