Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Nights Recap, Tonights Game Paln

Meeting from Noon til 2pm, back to west village changed out of nerd gear, put on a costume and rolled to Papatzul...the place is only cool if you are into the best Margs in the city(dead serious), unreal mexi dishes and Mana blasting all over. We gather there around 4-5pm to say farewell to Wood Tooth, who is not only a member of JSS but a serious serious Sipper. Needless to say, we got crushed and do to some European Traders working live hours, the aggression was there at an early hour. Sweet Dick Mackie led the charge with glaring stares and stories of Malibu. Suds were poured on domes, Snapper was filing in as it should and tunes were switched over from Mana to Lita Ford, Bobby Seger, GnR, U-2, Skynyrd...what I am saying is, there was a lot of Sud Spraying and loud singing. Bars were stomped on, Hammers were Sudded and High Fives were not in short supply. Tonight jackets and Ties are put on for a benefit, "hired help" sells the raffles and Brown water is guzzled. Looking forward to feeling like sht know, since its taken me all day to feel normal today, might as well get all banged up again. God Bless Us, Every One! Have a great night. Hope to hear some good stories tomorrow.

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