Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bring Back The Mess!!!

So I hit the Blue Shirts game last night against the oh so Mighty Ducks, w Tex and Jeusos. Solid game, a couple brawls, a few goals and a Rangers win. The seats my buddy has are great for ADHD kids...first row behind the walk way...that means no 6'9 monsters blocking the game or any 8 year old kids that will be covered in Suds. You do however have a ledge for Suds, a good angle to the ice and most importantly...100% stalker vision. Nothing quite like returning a young woman's glance with a curled sweaty upper lip stare...all I was missing was members only jacket and a mustache. Bottom line, there are no bad seats in the Garden...but I need passer by's to keep the wheels turning. Have a nice Hump Night...God Bless.

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