Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's Your Favorite Color?

Lady and Gentlemen, I Just want to go ahead and apologize for the lack of posts...we had an issue and I almost had a heart attack...I need this site more then most living things need water(there is a large % of water in Suds...don't let anyone tell you different). Anyhow, I was just thinking of all the wonderful colors out there and how I love seeing certain colors on certain tones. Summer tans bring out the yellows, pinks and CAROLINA Blues better then Winter skin. Winter is best complimented by Red, Greens and Blacks, no? Christmas and V-Day can attest for that. Anyhow, here are a few pics to help you come to your decision. Don't forget soft white cotton or comfy lil greys. Think hard, Sip often and for cryin out loud, just be a good person. I need a Sud!PS-This here is a C-String. It's not what you are thinking you sickos...it means "CLEAR String!"
This one here is a keeper! Mom, meet Mrs. Bobby J
This one above me here is a great Business Tripper to the Windy Cindy.
I think that is Mrs. Bobby J, again...ok, Stop looking, fellas, move on.
Ooooof, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the tannest of them all...that leather couch could get steamy.
This gal up here looks like she has slept for an hour...ok, so wee have or Vegas Biz Trip set up.
I know, I know, flip flops and robe are in the locker.
Willing to bet money that is the Shore Club(Beanie Baby, corn, Pringles and sun screen)...Looks like the ole Miami Sales Meeting locked up.
Let's see...oval stain glass window, eyes filled with hate, dipped right shoulder=SouthPaw, heavenly body...ok, so she is Satan's child or just really twisted Minister's daughter...either way, IN!!!
Finally, Lil Miss Naughty, cooped up in the attic with her electronics and pearls. "Honey, I hear those damn squirrels in the attic, again" Oh there will be squirreling going on...hotter then two woodchucks fcking in a wool sock by the time you walk out of that sweat box.

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