Monday, January 26, 2009

I Know Its Early, But We Have A Winner

So there is very little I care about over on the other side of the pond though I respect the Limeys for their love of the Sud, their rich history in dominating smaller, weaker countries and their import of hot European Snap. Anyhow, this may be old but I just learned Prince Harry got dumped. Now I have seen his lil gal, Chelsea Davy, frolicking around in bikini's, short skirts etc, always smokin a fag(that's right! look it up and learn something) and to be honest, I was always curious what he was thinking. Well she made his tough decision for him...and let's just say it has to be the worst call of her life. Oh, and while she is out looking for a new boyfriend, she might want a new crew of buds. With friends like hers, who the fck needs enemies.
'Chelsy, you're too young,' advised one.'It's a big commitment. He's used to it all(you know, being the Prince of England). But it's a big deal for you.'
Yeah, great call...I can see how partying for the rest of your life and not having a care in the world, can be a real bummer. Oh well, Chelsea Davy, I am sure Harry is all busted up over this. Apparently he just drives around with his chauffeur all day...poor kid. Hang in there Harry, Sip a warm, flat, gas less Sud. God Save The Queen.

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