Tuesday, January 13, 2009

With Winter Comes Vacations

Now I don't have any big plans...couple trips to Fla maybe? Head out west to ski, perhaps. Not sure, but I can guarantee if I head south, I am getting fried. Why? Because I am fare skinned and an idiot. Girls go fake baking, spraying, whatever it takes, and I am very OK with that. As long as they leave those tan lines, they can lube up with butter and bake themselves on the roof. I know a nice tanned ham is great and you aren't going to hear to many people complain about a golden snap...but sometimes its nice to know you made it...like and end zone , if you will. Once you see that lighter toned skin...you can basically start the Ickey Shuffle. Hope you get out of here for a long weekend. I think I can go ahead and say, You ain't missing sht these days. Have fun, Sip a Sud with an Umbrella in it and have a lil Hotel sesh. God Bless ya...Keep Sippin.

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