Friday, January 9, 2009

This Aint My First Rodeo, Guy...Wait, It Actually Is

So last night got a little crazy, magic number is 50...In fact this lil "birthday" week has been one huge booze fest. At least now I can know, take it nice and easy, sit inside and read a good book. Then again, I think I might keep the Sippin going. Tonight I have the MSG Rodeo, which will include hot country Snap in tight flannel shirts, tied at the waste and cowboy boots, Sippin on Garden Suds(ooooof, instant hang over). After that, I am heading North to the Saloon for young Conrad Hack's 21st Birthday, hosted by non other the Hack The Tank. 100% chance I will be crushed...firing on borderline jail bait Snap. Tomorrow, head to LI, shoot a few things, come back in, watch some football and see what happens. Sunday, wake up at 8, head to the Meadowlands, tailgate with some Bloodies, a few Suds and of course good Buds, watch Jacobs run over the Eagles D and hopefully head back into the city for a lil celebration. Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned...Sip A Sud and May God Bless America. Foxy, VanVan-Just A Puddle Of Suds

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