Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All In The Family

SCHERERVILLE, Ind. – Indiana state police said that after a mother was arrested for drunken driving, the three relatives who came to pick up her 1-year-old son also had all been drinking. A state trooper stopped a minivan for speeding early Saturday on U.S. 30 in Schererville in northwestern Indiana. He arrested the 24-year-old woman on a drunken driving charges.
The boy's father arrived later to pick him up, but officers determined he was intoxicated and also arrested him on a drunken driving charge.
Police said the boy's grandparents then arrived. Both of them also had been drinking, state police said, but the grandmother who was driving was not over the legal limit, so officers escorted them home with the child.
You are not going to find me questioning ones Sud intake, but people...there has to be a limit. Take it down a Sud Mama...Gramps have lived here for 80 years...if they were having a nooner(Suds you sick freaks) and had to come to the aid of their granddaughter, God Bless em for trying. As for Uncle Jimmy, well he took the call, but mother nature was on the other line...nuttin he could do bout dat....besides, he would have blown 4x the legal limit. Jimmy done out smart that there ociffer.

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