Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day. We Salute You, Frank Buckles

Buckles was born in Bethany, Missouri. He enlisted at the beginning of the United States' involvement in World War I in April 1917. The sixteen-year-old Buckles was sent to France on the RMS Carpathia, the same ship that had rescued the survivors of the Titanic sinking five years before. Buckles went back to Germany in 1936-38, where he met some guy named Adolph Hitler. During WWII, Buckles was a civilian working for American shipping line in the Philippenes. He was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and spent three years in a prison camp Los Banos and was rescued on February 23, 1945. Buckles is the last living WWI American Vet alive today. Happy Veterans Day my friend, and thank you for all 107 years. I will Sip a Sud for you tonight...and a couple for the fallen.

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