Monday, November 17, 2008

MNF Looks A Lil Nippy

Nothing like kicking back on a Monday night, roaring fire if you have one, cute girl and some take in, or joining buddies at a bar, keeping warm with both Suds, Wing Sauce and the elusive snap that rolls by and gives you the once over. You know my thoughts on Snap at a sports bar...sure there are a few there to watch their team, which is hot in itself...but most of the are there to get your attention. So go em a Sud and see what you can do. If not for the Bills, do it for Brady Quinn...or his sister. Enjoy the game, Sip a Sud. If you are short on Suds, here are 4 cans I had lying around the apt...God Bless those Rockies and May God Bless America

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