Monday, November 17, 2008

Old Fashion Fun

I'm really lost. I just feel like everything's so bad right now. I’m having trouble keeping my wits, so I called my old man for advice. He was in prime during the 70s when this country was in dumps. In and out of work. High interest rates, massive inflation, low consumer confidence. He was an uneducated son of an immigrant mailman with no real skills and very unsure of himself, and his young families future. So I asked him how he stayed positive...what they did to find happiness during the most dark of days. He said, "orgies."


Anonymous said...

CJ, Just like Seinfeld said, ' I don't think I'm an orgy guy' and if I was and saw you at one I think it would put me into a tailspin of dark indefinite depression. I'll just stick to my go-to happy thoughts of chili dogs, pinata's and womens locker room towel fights. You get an E for effort though...

BobbyJenx said...

Dude, that was another buddies post... ghost writer...Vern...but you know what Gianny, I like where your head is. Cuase if I ever caught your furry ass banging around some snap, I might never look at snap the same way. Just Keep Sippin Porter. Your Bills look good.
Keep the comments coming on any posts you think are seeing em brotha.