Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Look at her full lil belly here, so cute...that glass of red might put her over the edge. My guess is, you have 15 minutes. Go get her, pilgrim.
Thanksgiving is a great holiday for most adults. No presents, no major hassles and great grub. Some have to deal with in-laws they hate or cousins they fear. Me?...I am heading to south shore LI tonight, Varney's for the best seafood on the Island, build a fire bigger the Chicago, crush Suds, wine and triple check gear for opening day. Wake up 4am tomorrow, load boat, set decoys at honey hole and start blasting. Staying out in LI for the night, sans fam. Tooth and I are "those guys" that are crashing a Thanksgiving. 19 year old female twins, Suds, Small town guessed it. Will be awesome. Now I am not preparing the meal, though will help around the kitchen. One thing I know is one must make sure to keep basting that Turkey. Keeps it nice and juicy.People are all over the place these days living Jersey, Ct, Cali, Hong Kong and in between, so try to capture the moment with some candid shots. The more the merrier!!! Keep those football games on in the background, no matter what the conversation/controversy may be. Will keep gramps at ease...and his 60+years around nana has earned him the right to just bunk with some scotch and some ball.

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