Monday, November 24, 2008

River Bottom Boys...This Suds For You

There are only a few things you need to know before heading to Missouri. They like their Women Hot, Their Suds Cold and Their Bucks Big. Oh, and they don't mind knockin down a few ducks either. Days are simple there in the house that Busch built. Adolphus, selling your company or not, we salute you and your years of Sippin.
In Mizzou, you wake up early, you hunt, you Sip, you rest over lunch and do it all over it again. Rich in soil, game and strong friendships, Bill DeClue has one of the best farms, hunting grounds and group of buds around. These River Bottom Boys know what it means to Sip. Melvin the Butcher cuts deer like a surgeon and loves laughing more then any human I have met. Hell, Woodtooth even had him in stitches. Fire Marshal Brian, that Hot Lappin Son of a gun, can cook anything from Possum to Venison, leaving no appetite unsatisfied...just like his old man taught him. Then there was Rockin Rodney, aka Hot Rod, from Chapel Hill. Broken back, fingers sliced off and sewn back on, grizzly know the type. Give the guy a 2 by 4 and you will have a three car garage, shtter included. Craftiest SOB I have ever met. "When I'm done with this deer, hell them damn Coyote's wont even want him." This leaves Billy D DeClue's. Ex Marine, farmer, guide, host, friend. One of the most modest gents you will ever meet. In a word, genuine. I would also like to give a special "shout out", a special Thanks to our man defending our freedom, are the best!(You too Papa Jerry) Keep Fighting the good fight, keep your men sharp, keep slaying those birds and most importantly...KEEP SIPPIN MY MAN. Good luck on your next tour. Make us proud, bring em all back. We will Sip the hell out of some Suds then. Remember everyone, no matter how good you think you have it...keep your eye on the prize...someone is always looking to fck ya.

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