Thursday, November 13, 2008

J. Love - I may need your help...

"PORTLAND — Authorities say Mitch Mitchell, drummer for the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience of the 1960s, has been found dead in his Portland hotel room.

"Erin Patrick, a deputy medical examiner in Multnomah County, says Mitchell was found dead a little after 3 a.m. today in his room at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland.

"She says Mitchell apparently died of natural causes at 62. An autopsy is planned."

Natural causes? Who dies of natural causes these days? In a hotel room? And he was a rock star? How does this happen? Now I am making some assumptions here and they are that he was a rock star, therefore he partied like one. I would also go to say that there are rock star laws against spending a sober night in a hotel room. I mean, seriously, I am a 3rd rate blogger and I can't spend a night in a Motel 6 without a couple beers (8-10).

I am totally going CSI on this story - and maybe even Ghost Whisperer because it is just a hunch, but I think that Jimi Hendrix's ghost maybe involved. Honestly, I would believe that Jimi's ghost strangled him before I'd believe the natural causes crap they are feeding us.

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