Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fish In A Barrel

I think every guy and every girl who went away for college know what tonight brings. Sure college has all the girls a young buck could ask for, no parents, no "rules" just Suds and Snap with a side of sports and home work. Girls, just reverse the sex, (maybe add another girl?) and roll with it. But something about Thanksgiving Eve that gets everyone, in school, out of school, new school and old school all spiced up and randy as ever. It's a chance to make your life sound better then it is, reflect on that catch you made in overtime vs the Rye High Garnet's(BT, DOB, Cass, Porter, IceMan), crush a few Suds and fire on that Snap/Hammer you have been eager to see since August 15th. My advice for the younger Sudder, fire on as much Snap as you can, keep your distance from the local guy who is a 39 yr old townie, Sippin Gin and giving out the stink eye. We all have a lot to be Thankful for...God Bless us and may God Bless America! Ladies, don't be afraid to Gobble, if only just a little.

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