Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Piss Off, Doc

Ever had to go while playing golf? Can't hold it for all 18 holes?
A New York-born urologist came up with a solution to golfers' bothered bladders - a faux club that fits in a golf bag, but is really a mobile urinal.
"I wanted people to feel a level of comfort," said Dr. Floyd Seskin, inventor of the UroClub. "Worry where the pin is, not where's the next bathroom."
"I used to hit my ball directly into the woods so I can urinate," the man told Seskin. "You took five strokes off my game."
really? Is that right...I would have guess it was because you sucked...but I hear you Tommy, here, piss in this club and when its close to the top, just pinch it, I will get your putter. Now Doc, great idea...but come can pretty much piss anywhere on a course...hell I have done the elephant walk(not that one)leaving a zig zag that looked like Charlie Browns shirt. Cheers for your thoughts, but we are blessed with hammers...think of something for our female friends.

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