Thursday, November 13, 2008


Are you kidding me? 1 Million hits? That's it? Pretty weak guys...I had us pegged at 2 million by now. Well, we here at JSS decided a while ago that the millionth hit will get a night out with the boys, and a sloppy kiss from all the Sudders. Knowing we have a few female readers out there, I was personally hoping one of them would be that lucky "ping." After reviewing the hit counter and location, it is with great joy that I announce Kimmy Anderson from Boulder, CO the winner.
Wait a second...hold on a minute...what the fck is this? SDM just handed me a looks like we were off by one click...Oh dear God...Who the hell is Jacob Slabbernot from Gary, Indiana? Pucker up boys, this boy is getting way or another.Hey, at least he has nice hams.You think this dude likes to Sip?

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