Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prop 8

I am not really one to get too far into politics or religion or sexual preference, but this whole Prop 8 thing is pretty perplexing to me. First of all the gay male continues to baffle me. I mean these guys have all the tools to just kill it with the ladies. They're thin, neat, love good food, dancing and Broadway shows - they dress well and totally take care of themselves... oh yeah and here is the kicker they want to get married. No one needs to drag them down the aisle - they are fightin' to get married. Talk about the proverbial "five tool player"... (see what I did there? That was intentional).

Personally I am totally opposed to marriage - in any form - straight, gay, Civil Union, anything, but if it is legal - it should be legal for all.

The thing that surprises me is the fact that all the powerful divorce lawyers in Cali aren't all over this. I mean think of the revenue potential? If the old, "50% of marriages end in divorce" stat holds true they are looking at a huge increase in business. Maybe I should look into becoming an ordained divorce lawyer to get both sides of the transaction.

So in support of Prop 8 being revoked or whatever - I call on all of you to boycott marriage and if you are married renounce your marriage in the name of civil rights.

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