Monday, November 10, 2008


there has been much contraversy on the site over cats as pets and cats as pets equalling a "soft" owner. well i have 4 girls and a wife and i do, well did have a cat. Oreo is dead. the cause is not fitting for the life he led. he was struck by a car. Oreo has escaped many attacks by racoons and coyette (i have the vet bills to prove it), that is how he should of fallen, not by a rubber tire. i am sure some people will be happy about the death of a cat, but let me tell you this... Oreo was a savage! many squirles, rabbit, mouse, chipunks and birds have fallen to his tallons. he would offer them to us proudly at the door step. he was also a loving cat, snuggle with my girls and watch over them as they slept, but all the while he had one eye open ready to pounce to protect them. so i say farewell oreo, in my eyes you were a warrior not a house cat, house cats are "questionable". Like Jenks.

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