Thursday, November 13, 2008

JSS One million hit update

I posted that bar chart because when you have a bar chart people can't question you. I mean it's a bar chart - look at it. The business is taking off. I remember when I interviewed for this job out of Harvard (I actually spent the weekend in Hartford, but Bobby J mishear and I went with it), JSS was a rinky dink operation in some third rate suburb run from a crappy office park and now we have a million hits. So today you guys have made me a millionaire, not in dollars, but in hits and no one can ever take that away from me. OH GOD, I promised I wouldn't cry. Well Hef may have 9 smokin' hot girls and millions of dollars, but he doesn't have a million hits... So who is the real winner here? Is it the guy that lives in a mansion with 4 girlfriends, throwing parties with all his Hollywood friends or is it SDM an overweight, balding, guy in an office park with a million hits. THANK YOU -THANK YOU - THANK YOU.

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