Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viva La France

At night there are very few things I watch on tv...Family Guy pretty much takes up my time pre sleep, sports before that and depending on the time(day's off-Magnum, A Team, GI Joe, whatever). So I had to read another site(TMZ) to find this gem...Paris Hilton has that new show, something about being her new BFF. Paris has gotten a lot of heat over the years for being famous for no reason. What the fck are those people talking about...she is a Hilton(ok, famous), she is tall, blonde and hot(another reason to be famous), she was taped making sweet sweet love at 19 years of age and proves she can handle the ham(yup, famous). Throw in 300 nights of Sudsin a year, surrounded by other hot chicks and you know what, your gonna turn a few heads a catch a few bulbs. Keep slaying, keep Sippin and for the love of God, make a vid with Corrie here...make the poor girl famous, will ya?


Anonymous said...

BS you def watch that show.

BobbyJenx said...

pffft, maybe