Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well Aint That America...

Congress today debates whether the Big Three automakers -- GM, Ford and Chrysler -- will get a federal bailout. Many Republicans say bankruptcy is a better option. CNNMoney reports more than 1.6 million jobs(some say as many as 3mm) are tied to the auto industry. What happens to those workers and the economy if there is no bailout? MERRY FCKING CHRISTMASNow listen, I don't know what the asnswer is...but we can not let these people, building American cars, American dreams, fall to thru the cracks. You bought a house you can't afford, YOU LOST, GAME OVER. You work your butt off for an insdustry that is one of the corner stones of our econmy...well we owe you a little more then a golf clap. Again, NO clue what the answer is...What will get people BUYING cars again, is the real question. If we Buy them, they will come. Ah, whatever. Sip a Sud Detroit, like Kid Rock, we have your back.

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