Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe I can help here.... (click to view entire image)

Now I am no "Dear Abby", but maybe I can help. First of all what was this dude thinking? I mean seriously, the male body is disgusting - women don't want to see that crap. That is why Play Girl is out of business - Burt Reynolds posed for Play Girl and they still went out of business. BURT FECKIN' REYNOLDS!!! And I am guessing that this guy ain't Burt Reynolds. But honestly, who is... Those buns are so HOTTTTT you could grill a steak on'em. God I hope none of our readers figure out that I think Burt is just hunky.... Am I still typing... No of course not...
I am too flustered to make another point. No one reads this crap anyway. I might as well be writing in my diary about the time I was in Eagle Scout camp and how you really earn that Tee Pee Master badge.

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