Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Amateur Hour

Listen, tonight is special for so many reasons and if you are married, have a solid group of buddies(girlfriend, girlfriends friends etc) then I can see you being amped up. It gives your girl an excuse to get all dressed up and we all know what happens on prom night. When your girl throws on the satin, silk, lace, and heels...she is basically telling you, "yeah, you're pretty much getting slayed in the restaurant bathroom and my heels are staying on" (Ooooof, that's just the best!) Anyhow, that's the best scenario...unfortunately for most of New York City, its crowded bars, total meat heads and full blown rookies... Puke covered bathrooms, busted chicks mauling nerds in the middle of the room-spit flying everywhere, firefighters beating some frat boys into submission, hot chicks crying...just brutal. So if you aren't married and you don't have a boozy dinner with a Hot High Heeled Snap, then take it down a peg and pick your bars wisely. Trouble comes with many faces tonight. Halloween is my New Years, though you know what??? all these rooks can't keep a good man down, see you out for a Year End Sud. Keep Sippin my friends, try to get laid in a public bathroom...and I will see you in 09 for our first SippinSuds Booze Fest party.

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