Monday, December 15, 2008

Nippleson Responds

ESPN-Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have a complicated relationship to begin with. Now it could be made even more awkward after what Woods' caddie had to say about Mickelson over the weekend.
Steve Williams drew the ire of the world's third-ranked golfer when, during an event in New Zealand, he said, "I wouldn't call Mickelson a great player, 'cause I hate the dick," according to The Guardian newspaper of Britain.
In a next-day interview with another newspaper, the New Zealand-based Star Times, Williams also said, "I don't particularly like the guy. He pays me no respect at all and hence I don't pay him any respect. It's no secret we don't get along either."
When Williams' remarks began to circulate, Mickelson put out a statement through his representatives.
"After seeing Steve Williams' comments all I could think of was how lucky I am to have a class act like Bones on my bag and representing me," he said. Mickelson's caddie, Jim MacKay, is nicknamed "Bones." Pictured here, Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Mickleson/Nippleson/ManBoobs/D-Bag/I would still bone his wife/Mickleson, in happier times.


brian cilento said...

i heard jordan was banging man boob's wife in a chicago hotel... man boobs left the course early and caught them... what can you do, it's MJ

BobbyJenx said...

now thats good color.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore said...

I wonder if MJ has his tongue out when he's "in the moment"?