Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Foot sighting...

I love this scientist - he is straight out of a Toto video, but he takes himself so seriously. Oh yeah and what is her measuring? Well I guess if you got a 20" foot...

Two missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints received a scare on the night of Dec. 2 when they saw what they think was a set of Sasquatch footprints outside of their Burns Lake home.

The footprints, which Beck said was about 20 inches long is right in front of Beck’s porch, leading to the path where the pair keep their wood shed.

A sighting in Houston in late July by Delores Harrie captured international media attention.

Harrie saw the creature out at her home on Buck Flats Road on July 28.

At 5:45 a.m. that morning, Harrie heard her dogs barking at the door. When she went down to investigate she saw that someone or something was rattling the door handle.

She eventually opened the door and the dogs were out like a shot, sniffing out something on he east side of her property.

When she looked out at the side of her house, she saw a creature that was walking on two legs.

“It was huge and it had long hair, not fur — kind of like the kind you see on an ox and a reddish brown, the colour of the trees that are killed by the pine beetle,” said the woman.

“And it moved so fast, by the time I opened my door it had run from the porch to the other side of the house.”

“I was worried but what do you do, tell people your dog is chasing Bigfoot?” she asked. “I drove up and down the road, looking for him and eventually he came back.”

After Harrie’s report, there was a report on Telkwa High Road and sightings in Campbell River.

I love all this stuff - Big Foot, Lochness, Bat Boy, megalodon, chubacabra, DB Cooper - it is like the DH rule - everyone has an opinion. I worked with a guy once that was convinced that his life was in danger because he had proof that Aliens exist and that the driver shot JFK. Of course the whole assassination was because JFK was going to expose them.

Now I don't want to burst the whole Big Foot bubble, but I know a couple things about Big Foot and he is not going to be in Houston in July. Do you know how hot it is there? I mean this thing 8-10 feet tall and covered in hair, do you really think that you are going to vacation in Houston? Please. It was some homeless dude. I watched the Big Foot Six Million Dollar Man episode like 10x.

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