Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jennifer, Oh Jennifer

Jennifer Aniston poses with only a neck tie in the most recent issue of GQ. The NY Post has a couple solid pics on page 3,4 leading me to a question thats as old as Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Who would you rather shag/marry. Sure, at a time Jolie was untouchable...but for me, there was always this voice insiide my dome that said, "I bet Aniston has a great lil Snap." Jolie had it going on, seductive, sexy, scary...all the characteristics we look for in a mate. But the reality of "scary" would kick in and fear is only cool during a drunk'n sex romp on the Metro North. Next stop, 125th St "Oh dear God, hurry up!" After that, give me comfort, smiles and a few Suds. I think Aniston is all of those...and I am sure that kitten roars like a lion, when it counts. So today I say before all you fine people, Aniston over Jolie...for marriage, for fireplace bear skin bone sessions and for family. Sip a Sud Aniston, you've finally made it!
Jolie, you can watch...ahh fck it, you can join us. Tis the season of sharing.

1 comment:

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore said...

JA = 5
AJ = 55
Not even the same league. JA could not win Prom Queen at Great Neck High School.
OK. JA is hot and they are awesome pics, but AJ is pure sex.
But in fairness JA would bake you cookies after and AJ would cut your head off and feed it to her dragon...