Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Holy Crap...I mean Night...Oh Holy Night

Tis the Season for Ye Ole Holiday Party. Tonight we dance. Now the firm I work for is small and everyone is pretty much on the same page. I think there are two of us that are single, and the only gal who works here is married with child. I wont, however, count out the classic Holiday Blow Up. I have seen my fair share of em. One year I had a guy(always the goody two shoes, non boozer guy/girl)drinking tequila with the boss, going shot for shot. Bad idea! Lets just say it ended when I opened the bath room door and saw him washing his face in the same urinal he just puked in, only to go out and yell at the boss for, well, being his boss. Breath kickin like puke, chunks on his grill...horror scene. I would love to hear feed back from your personal experiences. If history has taught me anything, it's "THERE WILL BE ONE." I want to hear about the assistant to the CEO flashing the tech guys. The mail room guy delivering the receptionist his package. I want to hear about Johnny Young Buck groping the daughter of a senior partner. I only wish my firm were bigger...with HR. That, my boys, is Lay Up City. HR=Home Run.

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Anonymous said...

small firm, head of hr stumbling around asking everyone who would listen if they had any blow. Classic.