Friday, December 26, 2008

Sip A BloodyMary Before You Open My Box

I will be honest...I haven't really missed many days without Sudding lately. So why would a holiday weekend be any different. Holidays=family. Family=warmth+ chaos+misunderstandings+forgiving+emotional breakdowns. All of those=Booze Booze and more Booze. Not sure which comes first since most of us are Suddin Bloodies pre 10am. Anyhow, feel like I got kicked in the grill by a mule...and not that cool partying mule from Bachelor party. I'm talking scotch breath, rotten tooth, cheese ripping Christmas Mule.Santa has been known to abuse the sht out of his Christmas mules....this poor guy ended up on the table of Tiny Timjached. Keep Sippin Donkey Nuts.

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