Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This guy is a genius!

This is a picture from the site www.elvistrooper.com and when I saw this it made a tear run down my check like that litter Indian.

I mean it is so simple - so easy. How could I have missed this. All I had to do was combine my two loves Star Wars and Elvis. This dude is rolling around Comic Con with more Princess Leia's then he can shake a Laser at.

My new goal in life is meet this guy. I can't believe that I just wrote that. I am now searching the internet to meet men dressed up as Storm Troopers. That's normal right? I think I need to talk to someone because the life expectancy of middle aged blogger that is cruising the internet for pictures of NFL meat whistles and guys with chops dressed as Storm Troopers is about 3 days. If this dude makes a wind chime out of my testicles - it is left upon you the readers to make sure justice prevails.

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